There Is No On-Hold Button With God

One of the most incredible things about God is that He’s always available to us.  It would be amazing if a person were willing to come to our aid at any time of day.  So when we consider that the One who put our Solar System in place, as well as all the galaxies with [...]

What Kind Of Day Will It Be?

What kind of a day are you going to have today?  If asked this question first thing in the morning, many of us might respond, “I hope it’s a good day but we’ll see how things go.”  Yet God suggests a different response from us.   In Psalm 18:24 David writes, “This is the day [...]

He’s The God Of A Fresh Start

One of the most difficult people to keep a relationship with is someone who holds on to your past.  When someone close to you doesn’t forgive you for previous mistakes you’ve made or reminds you of your past failures, it makes things very difficult for you.  It can bring condemnation to your life, resulting in [...]

Relationships that Reward

I want to take a quick moment and talk with you about relationships that reward.  The world tells us that relationships are meant to bring joy to our lives. Our spouse, friends, and coworkers should know who we are, embrace who we are, and accept us as we are. Today I want to flip that [...]

Grace Really Is Amazing

Our world is not known for its graciousness. In general, we’re all usually looking out for ourselves and doing things that will advantage our own lives. But God is different than us…thank God! His primary motive is seeking for our wellbeing. He’s regularly doing everything within His means to help better our lives. This is [...]