He’s The God Of A Fresh Start

One of the most difficult people to keep a relationship with is someone who holds on to your past.  When someone close to you doesn’t forgive you for previous mistakes you’ve made or reminds you of your past failures, it makes things very difficult for you.  It can bring condemnation to your life, resulting in [...]

You Put That Down!

It’s been said that the human body was not designed to carry the stresses and pressures that so many of us take on every day.  This may be a huge reason for the high amount of depression, anxiety, pain, and sickness we see all around us.  It may also be a major reason for the [...]

Let’s Detox Our Lives This Year

For the past several weeks I’ve been teaching a series of lessons at our weekend church services called “Detoxing Your Soul.” As you’re probably aware, it’s quite popular right now to go on a detox. One type of detox is for the body, where the goal is to flush out the bad things that affect [...]

A Mist That Has Eternal Value

What is life? This is a question that has been asked throughout the ages. Multitudes have attempted to answer it. This question has baffled many, been the topic of countless debates, and been a source of great controversy. It has been a point of division for many, even the foundation for wars. It’s a simple [...]

He’s Waiting For Your Call

I’ll bet you don’t have President Obama’s phone number. I don’t have his number either. Even if we did have it, it’s safe to assume that if we called him, he wouldn’t answer. Why wouldn’t he take our call? Because he doesn’t know us. He’d see the unknown phone number come up on his screen [...]

It’s A Life Worth Dying For

A strong desire that is present in every human is the desire to find fulfillment in life. Most of us consistently go after this in many ways, from extreme adventure to drugs to relationships to vacations to sex to an endless number of other possibilities. Finding fulfillment is something we all seek for. Yet God [...]

God, Where Are You?

You’ve asked it. I’ve asked it. Every one of us at some point has thought it to ourselves or possibly shouted it out loud. It’s been asked by every generation before us and will continue to be asked by every generation to follow. The question consists of four simple words that we so often haven’t [...]

Living Blind

I’m right now in the middle of teaching a series of lessons on Sunday morning called “Living Blind.” This series focuses on living life based on our faith in God, not on our five senses. As I’ve been studying and preparing for this series, I’m once again reminded of the absolute necessity of regularly growing [...]