Renewing the Mind 2.0 is a powerful yet practical message and renewal through God’s grace. 

In this book, you will find God’s amazing grace that helps you experience change but never forces or condemns you for it.

“My friends Casey and Wendy Treat are remarkable ministers and authors who not only have an amazing story, but possess the ability to tell it in such a way that it profoundly affects anyone who hears it.  If you believe that you can rise higher, fulfill a greater purpose, and add more meaning to your life, I encourage you to read their new book, Renewing the Mind 2.0.  In it they will inspire you to set a new direction for your life and to become all that God created you to be.”

-Joel Osteen, Sr. Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas

“There are few people who impacted and inspired Bobbie and I more than Pastors Wendy and Casey Treat.  Their bold vision, innovation, and unrestrained belief in the potential of others has made me a better leader, and their friendship and loyalty over many years have made us better people.  Casey and Wendy’s personal stories are a testimony to the life changing power of Jesus Christ and the grace and kindness He extends to us all when we are born again.  Casey and Wendy’s longevity in ministry and the ability to adapt to changing seasons of life and leadership is the perfect foundation from which to teach about the power of a renewed mind.

-Brian Houston, Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church

“I consider Casey an authority on the teaching of renewing the mind. He has an amazing testimony, and I believe that you will be greatly encouraged by this book.”

-Joseph Prince, Senior Pastor, New Creation Church

“I tell people everywhere – because it is entirely the truth – that next to the Bible, the book that has most influenced my Christian walk more than any other is Renewing the Mind. Reading it changed the whole trajectory of my life.  Maybe God could have done it another way, but I honestly don’t know if I would be doing what I am doing today had I not read Renewing the Mind in 1992.  It just so totally, radically changed my life and gave me hope for the first time.”

-Christine Caine, A21 Founder



Drs. Casey and Wendy Treat are the founders and senior pastors of Christian Faith Center, a multi-campus, multi-cultural church in the Seattle area serving thousands of people each week.

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