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Your journey starts with living a Christ centered life.  Therefore, it is essential that you have a deep understanding of His scriptures and how it applies to your life and the world around you.  Each week in our classes, our leadership will challenge you to grow in the knowledge and application of His Word, all with one goal in mind: deepening your connection with God. 



Education is not limited to a desk and a classroom.  You’ll receive hands on training from our leadership in areas such as media production, music, ministry, IT, and so much more.  Regardless of the next steps you take after this program, you will have practical knowledge and experience that will set you apart for life.


Pursuing your calling takes just that: pursuit.  The goal of this program isn’t to simply educate you on truth, but to launch you into the next chapter of the journey God has called you to.  You will be immersed in various areas that will help flesh out the next steps you want to take in life.  Academically, the credits you earn in this program will transfer to most universities around the country.


Download the application and drop it off at the info center!